Maximum Living: The Beginning

In 2002, Lifestyle Architect Randy Altig and Maximum Living started leading the global effort of connecting people to resources they need to live a...

"more informed, creative and accessible lifestyle."


Whether in print, on television or on the web, Maximum Living brand ambassador Randy Altig has taught millions of people around the world how to have a better life, as he says...               

"Helping you to have your best life."


About Randy Altig


Randy is an Emmy nominated television host, Author, Designer & Lifestyle expert bringing you an experience like no other. He takes the hard work out of living in today's hectic world by connecting you with Maximum Living lifestyle videos, blogs, articles and the Maximum Living store which allows you to order the supplies you need to make it all happen while helping you to live your best life!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to show you the simple and easy steps of making, doing and creating the things you want and need to know to live your best life.  We're doing that by bringing entertaining and informative videos, pictures, text and blogs to show you the simple and easy steps of making, doing and creating the things you want and need to know.

We have also provided access to products seen in our videos, directly linking you to the products you need.  Through our embedded technology we provide the time saving convenience of having the supplies you need delivered right to your door. Watch it today, have it tomorrow!™



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Tuscany... Next Left

by Randy Altig

Tuscany Next Left is a true story of relationships, laughter, drama and the unexpected, filling in the space between the blurred lines of both the fantasy and reality of traveling through Europe that has been so successfully plated and served to us by the media. Knowing what I had read in travel magazines and seen on multiple cooking and travel shows about Italy, I wanted to be part of it. I had been sold on the notion of what Tuscany was all about...a special spot on the globe where great food and wine were always on the menu against a storybook picturesque backdrop. A place where artwork, invention and global shaping history were born; and romantic encounters were only a kiss and a bottle of wine away. So with two phone calls made I invited Jackie and Michael, my good friends, on a European journey, never realizing how a left turn would take us on a trip of a lifetime.