Maximum Living Summertime Drinks All Year!


Maximum Living Summertime Drinks

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Easy-to-make, fruity, tropical drinks perfect for relaxing on the beach or at the poolside.

Orange-cicle Float


  • Romano's Orange Crème Soda (or any similar locally available product)

  • Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice-cream

  • Whipped Cream (Homemade or canned)

  • Confectioner's Sugar

  • Vanilla

  • Orange-colored sanding sugar

  • Sprig of mint


Take your ice cream and let it get soft, then scoop it out with your scooper into your favorite chilled fountain glass.  Next take  your Orange Crème Soda and pour it into the glass filling it up to the top. Now make up your whip cream by beating whip cream together with a little vanilla and confectioners sugar to taste.  Pile the whip cream on the top of the drink, add a sprig of mint and a slice of orange to the side of the glass.  Now take your colored sanding sugar and sprinkle it all over the top of the drink! And don’t forget to add colored straws for fun.


Watermelon Martini for Two


  • 2 cups Fresh watermelon cubes

  • 2 cups ice

  • 3 shots vodka

  • 4 tablespoons of Simple syrup...( you can also substitute the simple syrup with Amoretti Premium Syrup)


Take your two cups of fresh watermelon cubes and put them into the blender along with two cups of ice, 3 shots of Watermelon vodka and 4 tablespoons of Simple syrup and blend. You can either make your own simple syrup or buy it at the grocery store. Now take a large chunk of watermelon with a toothpick umbrella and garnish the side of the glass. I always like to serve this in a chilled martini glass fresh from the freezer.