Maximum Living Beautiful Fabric Frames


Maximum Living Beautiful Fabric Frames

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It’s time to get those old photos out of the shoe box and get them into frames that can be enjoyed by you and your family. Making frames can be fun and very easy. With fabric frames you can add a little more creativity to the fun of the frame and the picture while expressing your style!


  • Frame w/ inside matting
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Fabric (I like to use velveteen, its lux and is thinner than velvet, themed fabric is also fun. For instance, if you have Hawaiian picture you would use Hawaiian or tropical fabric.)
  • Picture (I like to use black and white pictures, color works as well, but ifyou want to use black and white but don’t have it, you can go to Kinko’s and they have a machine there that will reverse it for you, it’s very cool. 


Take your frame apart and take out the mat. Next lay it over your fabric and use it as a stencil to cut out the fabric. Next glue the fabric to the frame, making sure that the fabric on the front of the frame is smooth and tight. Let this dry, it should take about 15 minutes. Then take your glass and clean it good on both sides, lay your mat into the frame behind the glass and then add the picture. Secure the back of the frame over the picture and your all done. Turn it over and, Wow!  

This is a great way to add theme and decoration to any frame or picture. Remember, you can use any size frame to do this along with any type of picture, from a photograph to a painting. 

Have fun and start decorating today!

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