Maximum Living Designer Faux Cakes


Maximum Living Designer Faux Cakes

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It’s that special someone’s birthday and you don’t want to give them a fattening cake, or you want to send a special cake in the mail, or possibly you just want a beautiful centerpiece display for your dining area. Well here is the answer, “The Amazing Flower Cake”. It’s very simple to make, and is sure to make your mouth water! 


  • Styrofoam- depending on the circumference of your cake, purchase either a 9” or 12” solid disk., also decide how high you want your cake so you know how many to buy.
  • Silk flower rose petals- One box will cover about 1 - 1 ½ square feet.
  • Plastic strawberries- for décor
  • Plastic cherries- for décor
  • Dried flowers-(purple stock, pink delphiniums work well)
  • Bouquet of dried Zinnias
  • Glue sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Ceramic tile adhesive
  • Paint stirrers


You first want to decide what your color palate is going to be. Pick complementary colors that you think would be realistic on a cake.

Next take your Styrofoam and glue it together with the glue gun in a nice stack.  Then take your silk rose flower petals and individually glue each one on, overlapping slightly. This will give it a real icing whipped cream look. If you want to create a frosting look, you can use paint stirrers or any sort of disposable spatula-like item to spread ceramic tile adhesive on the styrofoam. You can use food coloring to tint the "frosting". Once you have covered the whole cake, take your contrasting color to create whipped cream mounds ( We like to use cream or white petals here). Glue the flowers in a circular tuft. Take one of your dried zinnias and glue it in the middle of the tuft. Then take one of your strawberries and glue it into the middle of the zinnia. Do this around the whole circumference of your cake. In the middle of the cake do the same thing except add cherries around the strawberry just to give the cake a dramatic centerpiece. 

Now on the outside of the cake you can create the same effect as on the top of the cake except you can switch to using cherries in the middle of the zinnia. Remember, there is no right or wrong, it’s about being creative and having fun. Once you have everything in place, take your glue gun and swizzle it over the top of the cake and immediately take your dried flowers off of the stems and squish them in your hand to create a light flower dusting that you will sprinkle over the glue. This just makes it come alive adding more color and dimension. 

Have fun, and remember... Don’t eat this dessert!

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