Maximum Living Memory Box Picture


Maximum Living Memory Box Picture

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So life is making memories and you have some great ones that you would like to capture and treasure. Memories about someone’s life that is close or special to you. Well here is a great way to capture that memory in a gift for that someone. It’s called a Memory Box Picture.



  • One Shadowbox picture frame with a mat
  • Photographs of what the memory is about, a person, a trip, an animal, a party etc.
  • Any memorabilia that was used during the event or that was/is significant to the memory
  • Packages of velum stickers that create special words or messages (available at your local craft store)
  • Package of blank cloud stickers (these are the stickers you can write in to make it look like what a person is saying).
  • Any miniature items that could be used in the box or on the frame to decorate around the idea of the memory
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks


 Take the back board of the shadowbox and lay it out with all of your pictures on it creating a design that tells a story. Don’t be afraid to lay some partially over others. Don’t leave any blank spots. Once this is all designed and laid out, glue everything in place very secure. Once the pictures have dried you will add all of the other embellishments to the overall picture.  (As you can see with the memory box in the example, It was made for a friend and his dog Zigfried, so I used the dogs collar, a bandana that he wore in addition to a box top of his favorite animal cookies.) Then take your stickers and place them into the picture and on the edges and boarders to create whatever messages you want to display.

Don’t forget to bring the inside out by gluing fun stuff to the outside of the frame as I did here using dog bones and footprints. Be creative, there is no right or wrong way to do this. It is purely about the gift and the memory through your interpretation.

It’s a great gift and I promise you it will be cherished for years to come.

Happy Memory Making!

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