Maximum Living Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas


Maximum Living Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Have you ever bought someone that perfect gift but didn’t know how to wrap it just the same? Well, no worries because we have a few ideas for you that will make your wrapping as unique as your gift. 

Flowers and Tissue wrap


  • 4-5 of your favorite flowers

  • Water tubes for each stem (from your local craft store)

  • Tissue paper to match your flowers

  • Colored Raffia


Take your water tubes and fill them with water, making sure your rubber stopper tops are well secured. Insert your flowers in each tube. Take your colored tissue and lay it out flat placing your gift bag or box in the center of your tissue. Bring the tissue up around the sides gathering it at the top. Now place your water tubes with flowers in the middle of the gathered tissue. Take your raffia and tie it in a knot around the tissue and water tubes. Now take additional raffia and make a raffia bow, while at the same time allow loose pieces to hang down.


Keepsake Box wrap


  • Paper Mache Box

  • Lifestyle magazines of interest to the person you’re giving the gift to

  • Any photos of the person or of interest to them

  • Quick Dry Glue

  • Scissors

  • Themed stick ons (from your local craft store) they come in many varieties

  • Ribbon


Take your magazines and cut out pictures that represent something about the gift or about the person. For instance, if they like sports, use sports magazines, if they like travel, use travel magazines. Use pictures that are lively and colorful.  Once you have the pictures cut out arrange them on your work space face up to make it easier to design the box. Now take your box, and cover the top with a thin layer of glue. Start adding pictures making sure they are all going in the same direction. It is important that you cover the whole box, so it is ok to overlap pictures. Make sure when pictures go past the edge of the box, don’t cut them off. Go ahead and wrap them inside and glue them down. Once the top and all sides are covered you can embellish the box with themed stickers.  They are fun and add dimension to the box. Once the box is dry, place your gift inside and wrap a ribbon over the box and you’re ready to go! 

Have fun and Happy Wrapping!

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