Maximum Living La Dolce Vita Fruit & Flower Arrangements


Maximum Living La Dolce Vita Fruit & Flower Arrangements

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The Holiday season is upon us and parties are being planned. I have discovered the latest trends in Europe to decorate your table.  They are centerpieces of fruit and flowers in both clear glass and painted ceramic vases. They are relaxed and elegant, in one word…they are Bellissimo! 


  • One clear glass container, this container can be any shape, square, oval, cylander, round.
  • Small fruit to line the glass container. Choose between oranges, lemons, red or green apples. 
  • One box of food coloring
  • Flowers in a variety. Keep them monochromatic (all in the same color tone) as the fruit you are using to line the container


Take your glass container, I actually like to us a square or ribbed style for this application and make sure it is very clean.  Next take your fruit and line in one next to the other tightly around the whole inside perimeter of the container. Do this all the way up to the top. It is ok if the fruit comes up slightly past the rim of the container. Once your have completed this, take your flowers and arrange them in a tight bunch making sure that the tops of the flowers are all at the same level. Tie a rubber band around the base of the flowers and then cut them off evenly, leaving the stems just a little shorter than the height of the vase. Now fill the vase with water and put your bouquet of flowers into the center hole created by the fruit. For a little more fun you can also add color to the water for the clear vase that matches the color of the fruit and bouquet. It’s about monochromatic, that is what really creates the beauty.  

And remember it is ok when decorating a table to go ahead and use an orange arrangement next to a lemon and or an apple arrangement. Just be sure to never mix the fruit and flower colors together in the same container.  An arrangement like this will sell retail for up to $125.00. You should be able to make it for under $49.95 and your guests will think you flew them in from Europe!   

We know your table will be the talk of the evening, so email us and let us know what your guests think. 

Happy Decorating.