Maximum Living: Revamp Your Lamp


Revamp Your Lamp

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Spring is here and you want to give your interior an update? Well, look no further than your lamps. With a little creativity, you can transform your lamp shades to give your interior a brand new look, all for pennies on the dollar.


  • Lamp Shade (a light color is best, you can purchase a very inexpensive one

  • Trim (enough to go around the top of the shade and or the base)

  • Iridescent Shear Ribbon (enough to cover the whole shade, usually one spool)

  • Glue Gun

  • Glue

  • *Embellishments (anything you may want to glue onto the shade itself, i.e.: silk flowers, emblems, medallions etc.)


With your shade, take your ribbon and start to wrap the ribbon vertically around the shade. The beginning of the ribbon should start on the inside of the shade. Take your glue gun and gently glue the end of the ribbon to the inside rim of the shade. As your wrapping your ribbon around the shade, remember that the closer you have the ribbon, the more condensed your color is going to look when finished. For a more striped effect, leave a half inch space between each stripe of ribbon. Continue to wrap the ribbon until you have gone all away around the shade. Cut ribbon and glue end again to the inside rim of the shade. 

Now take your trim, remember this can be beads, feathers, fur, silk flowers etc. Choose whatever the theme is your creating. Take the trim and glue it all away around the base of the lamp. Once this is complete you can also do the same to the top of the lamp shade, it’s your choice. At this point you can also choose to randomly add embellishments anywhere else on the shade that you prefer. 

 For a great effect before I put the lampshade on, I like to put a soft pink bulb into the lamp. You can pick these up at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Fred Meyer. They really create a nice soft light that is very soothing to the eye.

Now take your lamp shade and put it on the lamp. Remember, you can always glue gun another embellishment to the top of the lamp shade screw cap. I have used everything from agates to sea shells, its just about being creative and it gives an extra little pizzazz to the lamp. 

Its time to turn on your lamp! Now how easy was that? This idea can save you literally hundreds of dollars while at the same time you’re updating your interior and being creative. Now you really can say you have it “Made in the Shade” 

You can do It!