Maximum Living Taco Bar


Maximum Living Taco Bar

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🌮🌮🌮 Who’s ready for some tacos?!? 🌮🌮🌮

Everyone is happy when they can make their own tacos using the ingredients they love, and passing on the ones they don’t.

The 'Lazy Susan', a rotating table platter that was popularized by cramped, mid-century Chinese restaurants looking to save some space while serving food, can be adopted for any type of meal, but works especially well for a taco bar fiesta. It makes building your taco so much easier and you don’t have to ever say those famous dinner table words, “Please pass the…”

Remember You Can Do It!



  • Large Lazy Susan

  • Tortilla basket

  • 10 serving bowls


  • Your favorite Cheddar and Jack cheese, shredded

  • Diced jalapeños

  • Shredded Chicken

  • Fresh sliced avocado

  • Red salsa

  • Sliced tomato wedges (suggest Roma)

  • Pinto beans

  • Salsa verde (green salsa)

  • Sautéed onions, chopped

  • Warmed flour tortillas

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