Maximum Living Edible Holiday Candy Wreath


Maximum Living Edible Holiday Candy Wreath

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During the Holidays, wreaths can be especially fun to make as a project with family and friends. It also is a great way to create a Holiday tradition, like the wonderful one I have with memories of making this with my Grandma. And making an edible candy wreath adds a whole new dimension to Holiday decorating.


  • About 80 pieces of Lindor Wrapped Twisted Truffles or 2 pounds of hard candy in twisted wrappers (make sure to get many different colors)

  • 8-foot length of string or, as my Grandma used to use, embroidery thread

  • 1 wire coat hanger or a pre-made 8-inch wire wreath form

  • 1 two-foot piece of ribbon to make a bow or a premade bow of your choice

  • 1 twist tie if your making your own bow.


  1. Take your wire coat hanger and stretch it out to make a circle, its ok if there is a little bend in the corners. Keep the hook on as you will be able to hang the wreath from it once finished. If you use a preformed wire wreath then you can make a ribbon hanger once finished.

  2. Next take the center of the 8- foot thread (4 feet on each side) and tie a knot in it around the wire wreath form.

  3. Now make a loose knot with your thread on the outside of the form and place the twisted wrapper ends of three or four candies through the loop, then pull the knot closed tight onto the wrappers and make another tight knot over it to secure the candy.

  4. Tie another knot to the form as you did in step 2 and continue the process until the wire form is completely covered.

  5. If you use a wire hanger, secure a ribbon or bow to the wreath and hang it. If you used a wreath form, use your ribbon to make a loop around the wreath to hang it from.

  6. If you need to make a bow, take the end of a ribbon and make a loop the size that you want and pinch end piece back to the ribbon tail, you can even staple it down. Continue making these loops and arranging them until you have all that you want, then make your final one in the middle. Staple it off and cut off the end, Wa-la you have a bow!

The Candy Jewels on the wreath will sparkle at night whether used as a wall hanging or as centerpiece with a candle on your Holiday tabletop. Just make sure not to eat all your supplies before you make the wreath!

And always remember… You Can Do It!

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