Maximum Living Winter Ice Candle Votives


Maximum Living Winter Ice Candle Votives

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Baby it’s cold outside, so why not bring a little of that outdoor cold weather magic inside as well? Winter Ice Candles are a great way to do just that, especially during the Holiday time. These votives are sure to bring back beautiful memories of Christmas past.


  • 2 clear glass water tumblers (I like to treasure hunt for these at the thrift stores)

  • 2 battery operated votive candles

  • 1 box coarse salt crystals

  • 1 small roll thin ribbon

  • 1 can spay glue

  • 1 paper grocery bag or some news paper

  • 1 roll masking tape

  • A couple of sprigs of greenery


  1. Lay open your paper bag to work on.

  2. Spread a generous amount of coarse salt crystals onto the bag, as you will be rolling your glass tumbler over it.

  3. Masking tape off the top ½” of your glass all the way around the rim

  4. Generously spray your glass with spray glue on one side, and roll it into the salt crystals. Let it dry and continue all the way around the glass until your glass is completely covered. Let completely dry then repeat process one more time until you have your desired amount of crystals on your glass.

  5. Remove masking tape

  6. Take your ribbon and tie it around the glass with a sprig of greenery such as cedar, or herbs and make a bow.

  7. Turn on your votive candle and put it inside on the bottom of the glass

Unique holiday tabletop lighting has never been so easy. Enjoy! And remember…

You Can Do It!

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