Maximum Living Spring Wreaths


Maximum Living Spring Wreaths 

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Wreathes are always a happy touch to any home décor, whether used as a sign of hospitality on your front door or as a centerpiece to your kitchen table you can always be sure they represent friendship.


  • Grapevine, floral foam or moss wreath (depending on your theme and achieved look)

  • Glue gun

  • Floral wire and or twist ties

  • Floral water tubes

  • Floral Tape

  • Artificial or real flowers, sea shells

*When selecting your wreath base remember they can become larger depending on what is added to the wreath.

Decide on the theme you want and that will help you determine the colors of flowers and coordinating additions to your wreath before you make your purchases.


Add a twist tie to the back of the wreath for hanging on your door, that way you always have the option of hanging it or laying it flat as a table centerpiece.

If you’re using plastic flowers, cut stems down to 4-5 inches, if they are not green cover them with floral tape.  Secure the flowers on the wreath by using your glue gun or by twisting the stems.  If you’re using fresh flowers secure them by both the stem and the water tube. Other items such as sea shells can also be secured with a hot glue gun.

Always make sure to follow the same direction when adding elements to your wreath otherwise you will have a visual disorienting circular design.  Dried moss can always be used to fill in any gaps you may want to hide once your wreath is finished.