Maximum Living Cheese Boards


Maximum Living Cheese Boards

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Entertain easy with simple gourmet cheese boards. They are always a hit at any get together!

Selecting the Cheese:

When putting your cheese board together, its ok to choose a theme and arrange your cheese by a specific country, or choose cheeses based on texture and flavors.


French Cheese Tray
Chevre (goat cheese), Bleu Cheese, or your favorite Brie. If you want to include sheep’s milk cheeses try Pecorino, Roncal, and Manchego.

Soft Cheese
Brie and Neufehatel

Semi Soft
Havarti, Muenster, Port Salut

Emmental, Gruyere

Cheddar, Colby

*Make sure to always serve a familiar cheese

How Much Is Enough?

You should always work from a ratio of 3 to 8, so 3 pounds for 8 people, 6 pounds for 16 people etc. If this is more than a cheese and cocktail party and many other items are being served, then plan on serving 3 to 4 ounces per person.


Offer a selection of breads, including sliced baguette, bread sticks, and crackers in all different shapes and sizes. It’s a good idea to vary taste and texture among the breads as well as the cheeses.

Jarred condiments and vegetables are quick and fuss-free. Try sweet preserves or honey, tart chutneys, and spicy mustards. You can also add artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and caponata. If you have a bit more time, prepare caramelized onions, which complement most cheese plates.

Various other sweet and salty items can work as well. Try cured meats such as prosciutto and salami, or candied nuts and pistachios. Assorted seasonal and dried fruits can include figs, cherries, apples, and pears

Serving Tips

  • Separate strong-smelling cheeses. If you want to serve a pungent, stinky-socks cheese, place it on a separate plate so it doesn’t overpower more delicate ones. Four or five choices are enough.

  • Set out a separate knife for each cheese, especially the soft varieties. Soft cheese spreads well with a butter knife; firm cheese might require a paring knife; and aged cheese often requires a cheese plane.

  • Remove the cheese from the refrigerator an hour before serving―cold mutes flavor.

  • Spread out the spread. Place the cheese platters and the other nibbles on several tables to avoid guest gridlock.

  • Label each cheese so you won’t need to recite the names all evening. If you like, also jot down a few poetic adjectives describing its flavor.