Maximum Living Floating Candlescapes


Maximum Living Floating Candlescapes

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  • Clear Mason Jar

  • Fresh herbs, such as bay leaves, rosemary, mint or pine boughs

  • Fresh Cranberries

  • Floating Candle


  1. Fill mason jars up with water, but not completely full

  2. Add your fresh herbs making sure to use enough so they grab the sides of the jar and don’t all float to the top.

  3. Add enough fresh cranberries to cover the surface of the top, at least one, and up to two cranberries deep

  4. Add floating candle so that it sits on top, stabilized by the cranberries

Tip: Christmas trees aren’t always the perfect shape, so you can use scissors to form it more to your liking, and then use these clippings in your floating candle centerpiece. Alternatively, you can clip a couple pine boughs from the backside of the tree that nobody will see.

Feel free to be creative as these are great to theme for any holiday or special event and for extra sparkle you can add your favorite color glitter.