Maximum Living Doily Lamp


Maximum Living Doily Lamp

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Making your own lamp may sound intimidating, but with a balloon, some Mod Podge, doilies, and a light kit, it's actually a fun and straightforward project for adults or kids.


  • Mod Podge Stiffy

  • Chip paint brush

  • gloves

  • 2 plastic bowls

  • balloon

  • Lightweight Doilies

  • Hanging light kit


Pour Mod Podge Stiffy into one plastic bowl, blow up balloon and place in second plastic bowl. Putting the balloon in the bowl helps to stabilize it so that it doesn't move when your adding the Doilies. Next take your first doily and cut a hole in the top center of it the size of the hanging light kit socket. Paint Mod Podge Stiffy on the top end of the balloon and add your first doily which is the one with the hole cut into it.  Now generously paint Mod Podge Stiffy onto the doily so that it is completely covered, repeat process until your desired doily coverage is reached on the balloon.  Set balloon in the bowl aside to dry.  I like to set it close to a heater vent as this helps it to dry faster and more thorough. 

When your Doilies are completely dry and hard to the touch, pop the balloon and gently pull it away from anywhere it is attached to a doily.  Insert hanging light kit, through the bottom of the shade bringing the cord up through the hole, secure the shade between the two plastic washers on the socket.  Add an LED light to eliminate any issues with heat.  And for a little extra fun try a colored LED.

You can do it!