Maximum Living Memory Lamps: Fillable Base


Maximum Living Memory Lamps: Fillable Base

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What better way to preserve a memory than with a Maximum Living Memory Lamp. These fillable jar lamps now make it possible to keep those memories alive! So pick your theme and lets get your memory collectables out of those boxes and lets make a memory lamp together!


  • Fillable lamp

  • Sand

  • miniature fairy garden decorations

  • LED remote changing light puck

  • Sticky back velcro



Fill your lamp base to the desired level with craft supply sea sand. Next add your miniature scene, securing each piece into the sand.  If you want to add an LED light for extra mood and effect, its easy to do by adding sticky back Velcro to the back of the LED light puck and attaching it to the top of the lamp lid. Set in a location such as your desk, night stand or end table. Pick a place where you'll see it often and you'll bring back those memories that are sure to put a smile on your face!

You can do it!