Maximum Living Memory Lamps: Lamp Shades


Maximum Living Memory Lamps: Lamp Shades

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Theme a lampshade for any lamp and home decor in any room! Its so fun and easy you can even change them out for the seasons!

Remember, You can do it!



  • Mod Podge

  • Chip Paint Brush

  • Glue Gun

  • Wall Paper, Fabric, Stickers, Trim, ( whatever you need to create the realization of your lamp shade inspiration )

  • Lamp Shade



It's really quite simple. Use Mod Podge right ontop of your lamp shade to adhere your fabric. Be creative, you can you fabric remnants, a tropical shower curtain, or your favorite shirt, the important thing is to make it your own. Once the fabric had dried onto the shade add your trim with a glue gun.  You can also adorn your shade with sticker and stones, just make sure to glue them on with a glue gun for a little extra holding strength.