Maximum Living LED Mermaid Lamp


Maximum Living LED Mermaid Lamp

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Transform your room into a magical underwater seascape with this fun lamp project.


  • Cloche bell jar

  • Glass plate

  • Beach glass

  • Mermaid figurine

  • Little Critterz fish figurines

  • LED color changing puck light

  • Grass Hula Skirt

  • Plastic aquarium sea grass

  • Velcro

  • Scissors

  • Glue Gun

  • Glue Sticks



Take your sticky back Velcro and stick it ruff side out onto top of inside of Cloche bell jar to hold the LED puck light. Next take your puck light and put the opposite Velcro side onto it and press it to the top of the jar against ruff Velcro so that it sticks.  Next camouflage the LED light puck by attaching aquarium see grass with glue gun to the outside of the puck. Take your grass skirt and trim it to desired length and attach with glue gun to top of the jar so that it covers the puck light from the outside of the glass.

Next arrange your figurines onto the round glass dish, glue gun the your little critter fish onto the coral in a life like position. Scatter the sea glass onto the bottom of the plate around the figurines, place the Cloche bell jar over the figurines onto the plate. For a little extra interest you can add a few of your favorite sea shells. Turn on the light and enjoy!