Maximum Living Galvanized Garden Bucket Water Dispenser


Maximum Living Galvanized Garden Bucket Water Dispenser

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Having an easy source for water while gardening, without turning on the hose, is a necessity I have come to depend on. Whether you or your plants need a drink of water or you need to give your harvest a quick rinse, a do it yourself galvanized water dispenser is the answer.  It’s easy to make in just a few simple steps.

Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!



  • Galvanized bucket with lid

  • ¼ inch ball valve

  • Rubber washer

  • Nut (to fit valve)

  • Stainless steel ladle (with holes)


  1. Drill a hole the same diameter as the valve near the bottom 3rd of the bucket.

  2. Use a rubber washer to secure the valve to the inside wall of the bucket then add a nut.

  3. Hang the bucket from an extended hook from a tree branch, post or trellis.

  4. Adjust a stainless steel ladle with holes so that the handle will hook over the edge of the bucket.

  5. Bend the ladle spoon end to angle as a soap holder.