Maximum Living Outdoor Napkin Holder Craft


Maximum Living Outdoor Napkin Holder Craft

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Napkin Holder.png

There is one thing no one should be bothered with at an outdoor food affair, flying napkins! So here is a creative way to hold them in place and never worry about it again.


  • 3/8-inch diameter aluminum pipe

  • Galvanized Tray (preferably 8 inches square)

  • Fine-grit sandpaper

  • Favorite color spray paint

  • Elastic Cord to go through aluminum pipe

  • Hacksaw


Use a hacksaw to cut your 3/8 inch diameter aluminum pipe ΒΌ inch shorter than the width of your galvanized tray. Rub the cut end of the pipe with fine-grit sandpaper.  Cover the pipe and tray with your favorite color spray paint and let it thoroughly air dry.  Cut a piece of elastic cord 2 inches shorter than the perimeter dimension of the tray.  Slip the cord through the pipe, and tie the ends together, hide the knot inside the pipe.  Put your favorite paper napkins in the tray and put the holder around the tray and your set!

You can do it!