Maximum Living Glass Jar Oil Candles


Maximum Living Glass Jar Oil Candles

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Candles and fragrance are essential elements to any interior design. So to mix it up and make it your own, try this great candle craft out of your favorite lidded glass jar.



  • Hammer + Nail 
  • 1 glass apothecary or mason jar with metal screw-on lid
  • 1 bottle of paraffin oil, olive oil ,almond oil or any clean burning unscented oil  
  • 1 100% cotton waxed wick ( I only like to use all cotton waxed wicks as others can cause unhealthy fumes as they burn)
  • 1 glass wick adaptor
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Any decorative or themed items you choose to put into your jar, such as artificial fruit, vegetables, flowers, sea shells, seed pods, or pinecones.


  • Put decorative items into your clean candle jar arranging them into the look you want.
  • Next take your lid and drill or poke a hole in the top using the hammer and nail or drill bit that fits the size of your glass wick adaptor.
  • Fill jar with unscented paraffin oil up to the top.
  • Thread wick through wick holder and insert in the lid hole.
  • Secure lid on the jar making sure the wick hangs in the center of the jar, light and enjoy!