Maximum Living Crepe Paper Fiesta Flowers


Maximum Living Crepe Paper Fiesta Flowers

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Maximum Living Crepe Paper Flowers are the perfect idea to add visual fun and excitement to any party... Especially a dinner party, birthday party or a Fiesta, OLE!



  • 6 – 7 pieces of floral crepe paper cut into 20″ x 30″ sheets (it’s important to use heavyweight crepe paper for its stretchiness)

  • 6 – 7 small binder clips or large paper clips

  • 16 gauge floral wire or colored pipe cleaners

  • Heavy duty scissors


  1. First, pick crepe paper colors that will look best layered together in your flower. Lay out the sheets of crepe paper and fold each one into an accordion. The folds should measure about 2-3 inches thick and should be creased along the natural, horizontal lines of the crepe paper. Don’t worry about the folds being absolutely perfect!

  2. Keep each bundle bound together by a small binder clip or large paper clip placed in the center of the folded sheets

  3. Work with the outer crepe paper color first, gradually trim down the length of each sheet in 1-2 inch increments, helping to give depth to the flower.

  4. Trim the ends into the shapes you want your petals to be in, such as pointed, round, oval etc. Don’t worry about being too precise as this will give a more natural look to the flower. Realign the binder clips to the center of each bundle.

  5. Cut along the folds of each bundle until the scissors hit the edge of the binder clip, leaving the center uncut. Repeat the same steps on all four sides.

  6. Unbind each bundle. Lay the sheets on top of each other with the largest, outer color on the very bottom and the smallest, innermost color on top. Be sure to center the sheets as best as possible. Then, start folding all the layers into an accordion.

  7. Roll the bunch inwards and tie a piece of floral wire around the middle.

  8. Secure the wire by giving it a few twists leaving part of the wire or pipe cleaner out for a stem. Fan out the folds, exposing the strips of the first layer.

  9. Gently peel forward one strip at a time and using both hands, stretch the paper open.

  10. I suggest peeling forward every other or every two strips to give the flower a more organic look. And remember to constantly fan out the bundle since some strips may be tucked away between other layers. Once the first layer is done, move onto the next layer and color.

  11. Slowly and gently peel forward all the strips from each layer. Though you might have to adjust some of the petals, the flower will naturally take its natural shape.

  12. Continue peeling the layers. If a strip is too big or out of place, feel free to use scissors to trim or shape it.

  13. You can also gently stretch the crepe paper to give the petals a gentle curl like a real flower petal.


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