Maximum Living Gardening Tips for September


Maximum Living Gardening Tips for September

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This is the time of year I like to go out into the garden and take pictures, so I have a documented memory of what worked in the garden and what didn’t. Having pictures is a great way to keep your garden evolving into the best that it can be.

Here are a few key elements to be aware of in your garden this month:

  • Pick your herbs for drying; They are at their peak in beauty and taste. Use throughout the fall and winter months in food and crafts
  • Clean up any fruit that has fallen in your garden
  • Dying foliage needs to be removed and put into the trash/compost or burned. Do not use it for mulch, as it can be diseased and you don’t want to reintroduce that into your garden soil
  • Stop fertilizing and trimming your plants, as you don’t want to promote growth for the fall and winter
  • Perennials are getting ready to take a nap for the winter so it's OK to cut them back once they have finished blooming. Now is also a good time to divide, move and replant them
  • Spring flower bulbs should also be planted this time of year for an optimal spring show
  • Clean up garden debris, weed and continue to water lawn and garden to set the stage for a new season of changing colors in foliage and leaves that only comes this time of year.
  • Plant seeds for onions, peas, garlic, lettuce and other greens. Now is also the time to plant cool season annuals, such as pansy’s, calendula and mums

Remember, this is the month of the gardens transition into fall... A time in the garden where a new kind of beauty is in bloom.

You Can Do it!