Maximum Living Salvaged Lantern Planter


Maximum Living Salvaged Lantern Planter

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Turn any lantern into a tropical grow house and night light.  By adding just a few interesting features to a repurposed lantern, ambient light can easily be redefined in any space.


  • 1 Vintage lantern*

  • 1 Round plastic tray

  • 1 bag dried sphagnum moss

  • Collection of plants (I like to use orchids from Costco)

  • 1 plastic spray bottle

  • 1 round led remote controlled light (plug in or battery operated)

  • Velcro


*This project requires an old lantern/street lamp housing. You are probably not likely to have one lying around the house, so you may to do some searching at antiques stores or rural yard sales, or scour the internet. These housings will come in all shapes and sizes, so adjust the tray as needed.

  1. Attach velcro to LED light and to the top of the lantern lid

  2. Place plastic tray to bottom of lantern, add potted orchids and completely cover with sphagnum moss.

  3. Gently spray plants and moss with water and close the lid.

  4. Keep in a well-lit spot during the day and at night turn on the led light for a night light.

Your new lantern planter can be featured anywhere in the house, from table top feature to a hanging lantern just to create visual and conversational interest. Have fun designing, and remember... You Can Do It!