Maximum Living Flowers in a Box


Maximum Living Flowers in a Box

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Costco Product Craft Project

Flowers in a vase are always nice, but mixing it up to add a little more interest always makes for a great display, as well as great conversation. Whether you need a centerpiece for a table, or a thoughtful gift for a friend, you can count on Maximum Living Flowers in a Box to bring a smile every time!


  • Small wooden crate

  • 1 bunch of eucalyptus greens (I always find the perfect greens at Costco)

  • 1 bunch of roses (Costco has a great collection)

  • 1 additional bunch of your favorite coordinating flowers, such as tulips, peonies, hyacinth, or stock. (Costco has a great assortment)

  • 1 bag of plastic water tubes

  • Floral scissors or cutters


  1. Take a small wooden crate and measure the height of the sides, cut all greens and flower stems to that length

  2. Fill water tubes with water and insert floral stems. Arrange florals and greens in a pattern.

  3. Next take water tubes with inserted florals and place them into the crate in your pattern. Tightly fill crate so that the tension holds the flowers upright. Fill in any holes with more greens in the water tubes.

  4. And now its ready to go! Place on a table with candles or alone, either way a big impact will be made.

You Can Do It!