Maximum Living Easter Basket


Maximum Living Easter Basket

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You're never too young or too old to get candy and surprises in an Easter basket this time of year, but how about a twist on an old tradition.

I'm talking about a Maximum Living Easter Bunny Basket. It's a basket filled with living herbs and flowers for your enjoyment all through the year.

This will make a beautiful, healthy and fun Easter basket packed full of inspiration while celebrating the season!


  • 1 handled basket (any color or style will work)

  • 1 roll of plastic wrap

  • 1 paper bag

  • 1 bag green sphagnum moss

  • Several 3-4" container planted herbs

  • Several 3-4" container planted edible flowers (pansies, calendula, marigolds etc…)

  • Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and any other little Easter surprises

  • 1 color coordinated ribbon (for a large ribbon you will need 3yards)


  1. Take your basket, line it with plastic wrap, scrunch up the paper bag for height and smash it down into the bottom of the Easter basket. Next take your plants and arrange them by height, tallest in the middle, smallest toward the outside of the basket.

  2. Cover all of the containers with sphagnum moss, tucking it in all of the holes and around all edges. Now hide your chocolate treats under and around the plants. Once this is all done top it all off with a color coordinated ribbon tied on to the handle.

  3. I love giving this type of basket at Easter time because it represents new life, which is what this season is really is all about!

Have a Maximum Living Easter and remember… "You Can Do It!"